People Behind the Power

At CE Power, our greatest assets are our people. Whenever possible, we strive to acknowledge the contributions of our champions who go above and beyond.

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

As a young girl, she was told she was too short to be a math teacher, so she chose to go into the accounting field, which she has been in for 10 years. In her role at CE Power, she most enjoys being able to create new reports that provide up-to-date information so that people can make informed decision. She also liked projects that require a deeper level of analysis where problems are usually discovered, and, as a result, changes are made.

Fellow Engineer

If an elementary school child came up to him asking what he did for a living, he has the perfect analogy teed up – “Doctor of Electricity”. Just as a medical doctor runs tests and examines you to see how healthy you are, he does the same thing to see how healthy electrical systems are. When necessary, he and his team will figure out to fix it! Teaching people, whether it be a colleague or a client, how to fix something or run a test is a very rewarding experience for him.

Service Operations Specialist

She loves to go into work, not only because of the support she has from her colleagues, but also because she gets the opportunity to learn something new every day. Her favorite fundamental is Always Ask Why, because she has a thirst for knowledge of our field.

Senior Service Technician

His favorite fundamental is, Take Ownership.  When he works on the various equipment and projects, he takes satisfaction in performing the work as well as he would at his own home.  His own motto is “Never Take Shortcuts”.

Parts Department Manager

What makes him wake up at 5:30AM and take the 45-60-minute drive to work in the morning? The people. CE Power has many caring people…including this guy!

Project Manager

Since 2009, he has been a part of the CE Power family where, as Project Manager, he bids projects, manages them from start to finish, and performs maintenance and commissioning work in the field. One can say he truly does it all.

Protection & Control Engineer

He is one of the first to become part of the Graduate Apprenticeship Program (GAP), and now he finds pleasure in being able to mentor the new group of GAP engineers.

Executive Assistant and NETA Administrator

Her favorite Fundamental is Pay Attention to Detail. Applying that principle with gusto, she actively spreads quality awareness throughout CE Power of our NETA Certification Program via newsletters, email, training, book offers and other communication.


Collaboration is a big part of his job. “I enjoy taking on challenging projects that I know nothing about, finding people who do, and learning from them,” he says, adding that he’s learned a lot since he started here in 2014.

Sales Engineer

His days are filled with time spent either working with customers or receiving project updates from the field team. “My job is a lot easier with the people I have supporting me. It makes it easy to get up in the morning.”

Power Engineer

An engineer to the core, he loves the problem-solving aspect of his job and seeing the product of his work applied into service. He often addresses concerns and questions. “Nuclear-plant employees refer to me as the ‘testing expert.’ I smile and nod; projecting confidence is important when nerves are high.”

Business Development Manager

At CE Power, he enjoys the fast pace, endless opportunity, and -most importantly- the people. “Our techs are some of the best, brightest and hardest-working in the industry,” he says. “That holds true to the top, as well. I joined this company because I believe in what they were trying to accomplish.”

Senior Electrical Design Engineer

Thriving on challenge, he loves the unique nature of each project, which requires interacting with a variety of people, often developing complex or innovative solutions and learning new skills. He also challenges himself personally. Twice he has finished the Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon.

Power Engineer

“I try to step out of my comfort zone and take on projects that I haven’t done before, but I know I can handle if I work hard enough,” he says. “If I ever do get in too deep, I know this company has a large pool of experience to call in.”

Operations Logistics

Prior to joining CE Power back in 2001, he was a Gas Turbine Technician for the US Navy. The Power industry seemed to be a natural transition. His previous military experience helps with his ability to stay steady during emergencies and other unscheduled surprises.

Service Assistant

Every day she strives to help others, pushing her limits to learn more, between keeping track of hours, invoicing and project scheduling. She puts her heart into her job and loves working with the technicians, whom she describes as “just wonderful”.

Service Supervisor

His job includes on-site and shop troubleshooting, maintenance and testing, and installation and commission of mechanical and electric equipment. He supervises. He trains. He travels. He has worked in three different states in the same day. “I love seeing new places and meeting new people,” he says. “It’s a way of learning and challenging myself.”

Senior Service Technician

Typically, he starts the day planning out assigned jobs, but is always ready to accommodate the unexpected and appreciates the support he receives on and off the job site. The most rewarding part of his job is being able to smoothly manage a large outage or shutdown.

Field Service Technician

What he enjoys most about his job is the spirit of teamwork and the sense of family that runs throughout the company. He continually challenges himself to be better, and extends that challenge to his colleagues. “In this line of work, you cannot become complacent. It can cost you your life.”

Operations Specialist

He loves being tasked with diverse challenges, appropriating people and resources when and where they’re needed to get the job done safely and effectively. Often, this means coordinating multiple emergency projects working through the night.