People Behind the Power
At CE Power, our greatest assets are our people. Whenever possible, we strive to acknowledge the contributions of our champions who go above and beyond.

April 2017

Cameron Dooley

Sales Engineer – Minnesota Division

Fascinated by electrical contracting, Cameron joined CE Power in 2014, having previously served as sole project manager and estimator for a company in Southern Minnesota.

Currently, his days are full, with time spent either working with customers or receiving project updates from the field team. “My job is a lot easier with the people I have supporting me. It makes it easy to get up in the morning.”

For him, it’s a complex industry requiring not just an understanding of what’s happening, but why it’s happening. He challenges himself to absorb as much as possible and fees that, in this business, there is no shortage of learning opportunities.

Cameron is energized by the company’s positive momentum. “I plan to make 2017 even better than 2016.”

March 2017

Allan Hanson

Power Engineer – Minnesota Division

Allan saw a strategic opportunity in the power industry. Five years ago, he joined CE Power and has never looked back. Currently, he is the liaison for Xcel Energy, scheduling crews to staff projects in Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and the eastern portions of both Dakotas. He also works on SCADA jobs and has taught the internal SCADA class for two years.

An engineer to the core, he loves the problem-solving aspect of his job and seeing the product of his work applied into service. He often addresses concerns and questions. “Nuclear-plant employees refer to me as the ‘testing expert.’ I smile and nod; projecting confidence is important when nerves are high.”

Allan looks forward to the opportunities that have come with recent acquisitions, working on new projects as the company grows in expanded territory.

February 2017

Brian Wilson

Business Development Manager

Brian knows that customers buy from people they trust, which is why establishing trust is a big part of his job. With a primary focus on the union side of the business, he builds relationships with new and existing customers, educating them on service offerings and capabilities.

At CE Power, he enjoys the fast pace, endless opportunity, and—most importantly—the people. “Our techs are some of the best, brightest and hardest-working in the industry,” he says. “That holds true at the top, as well. I joined this company because I believe in what they were trying to accomplish.”

His goals are to quickly grow the Ohio and Kentucky markets, “And destroy the competition,” he adds. We’re confident that Brian is up to the task.


January 2017

Nathan Schmittou

Senior Electrical Design Engineer – Wisconsin, Remote Office

Nathan has been in the industry since 2008, initially designing electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas and fire-suspension systems. At CE Power, he works on low- and medium-voltage switchgear retrofill/replacement projects, in addition to conducting engineering studies.

Thriving on challenge, he loves the unique nature of each project, which requires interacting with a variety of people, often developing complex or innovative solutions and learning new skills.

He also challenges himself personally. Twice, he has finished the Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon—a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile marathon. “As a type-1 diabetic, I set out to achieve what most would say is crazy,” Nathan says. “It raises money to send type-1 diabetic kids to sports camps for an organization close to my heart—Riding On Insulin.”

 Nathan Schmittou

December 2016

Eric Goetz

Power Engineer – Kentucky Field Service Group

Eric works in industrial and utility protection and controls, staying busy on switchgear commissioning and relay testing. Prior to CE Power, he attended the University of Louisville, gaining experience during his co-op at a local power plant.

Like his family, Eric has always found the power industry interesting and loves the challenge of fixing things and solving problems. For him, the best part of the job is tackling the variety of jobs that come his way.

“I try to step out of my comfort zone and take on projects that I haven’t done before, but I know I can handle if I work hard enough,” he says. “If I ever do get in too deep, I know this company has a large pool of experience to call in.”


November 2016

Sonny Moore

Operations Logistics Coordinator at 3C Electrical

Prior to joining 3C back in 2001, Sonny was a gas turbine technician for the U.S. Navy. 3C seemed a natural transition. Today, his basic responsibilities include managing projects, scheduling resources, and assisting the operations manager.

In operations, change is constant. Emergencies and other unscheduled surprises keep Sonny on his toes—and he loves to roll with it. Occasionally, he’ll even go out in the field when the situation requires it.

“I enjoy the challenge of my job and how we never stop learning the electrical industry,” he says. Thanks Sonny. We appreciate your dedication and commitment.


October 2016

Carol Shelton

Service Assistant, Nashville, TN office

Carol does a little bit of everything, which is no surprise. She has been with the organization for nearly 19 years—18 at PGTI and, following its acquisition, one at CE Power, where she has played an important role in helping to integrate the two companies.

She stays busy, keeping track of hours, invoicing, and project schedules. Every day, she strives to help others, pushing her limits to learn more. She puts her heart into her job and loves working with the technicians, whom she describes as “just wonderful”


September 2016

Quincey Wells

Service Supervisor

Quincey has been in the electrical business for 20 years. Initially brought in as a temp at his former company, he was intrigued by what the techs did. So he eventually became one himself.

Today, his job includes on-site and shop troubleshooting, maintenance and testing, and installation and commissioning of mechanical and electric equipment. He supervises. He trains. He travels. He has worked in three different states in the same day.

“I love seeing new places and meeting new people,” he says. “It’s a way of learning and challenging myself.”


August 2016

Willie Pantoja

Shop Supervisor, Florida Service-Lakeland Shop

Willie has worked with CE Power for nearly 11 years. Currently, he spends most days working on circuit breakers, providing on-site assistance, prioritizing and delegating tasks, and advising his team on proper procedures. Since day one, though, upping his game has been a big part of his job description.

He’s passionate about making sure his customers are satisfied and enjoys the sense of accomplishment that accompanies a job well done.

Never complacent, Willie is now working to improve process discipline and accountability. “I like to challenge and better myself.”


July 2016

Joseph Psillos

Senior Field Supervisor, CE Power Kentucky

Joseph recently moved his family to Louisville from Long Island, New York, but he’s no newcomer to the electrical industry. In fact, he has worked around power nearly 20 years. As the third generation in his family to do so, you could say it’s in his DNA.

Typically, he starts the day planning out assigned jobs, but is always ready to accommodate the unexpected, and appreciates the support he receives on and off the job site. The most rewarding part of his job is being able to smoothly manage a large outage or shutdown.

He continually strives to expand his knowledge, which prepares him for the unexpected. “Every day could be an adventure,” he says. “You never know what you will encounter, especially when you respond to an emergency call.”


June 2016

Matthew Stewart

Field Service Technician, CE Power Minnesota

Matthew has been with CE Power for nearly three years, working on breaker rebuilds, retrofill installations, switchgear testing, and troubleshooting. Typically, he starts the day with a sugar-free energy drink—but he’s fueled more by a passion for getting things done.

What he enjoys most about his job is the spirit of teamwork and sense of family that runs throughout the company. For Matthew, it’s made quite an impression.” Bill McCloy and Jim Newcomb were in our office for a day last summer. They grilled dinner for the entire team and our families, thanking us for our patience and understanding,” he said.

Matthew continually challenges himself to be better, and extends that challenge to his co-workers. “In this line of work, you cannot become complacent. It can cost you your life.”

His goal this year is pass his NETA III exam with flying colors. We are confident he will put forth the effort required to achieve that goal.


April 2016

RJ Post

Service Operations Specialist

RJ has been with CE Power since 2008, when he started as a service assistant for Cincinnati Service. Today, he provides back-office support for the Cincinnati Service Group and has direct reporting responsibilities for the Cincinnati Union Technicians.

He loves being tasked with diverse challenges, appropriating people and resources when and where they’re needed to get the job done safely and effectively. Often, this means coordinating multiple emergency projects working through the night.

Always pushing himself to ask and learn, RJ is pursuing an Electrical Technology degree and looks forward to further expanding services in the union market.