I Like CE Power

Listen to what CE Power employees have to say about what makes our company such a great place to work.


“This is the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. The men and women of CE Power are not only committed to each other, but also the client and the job. We have shared values – common values that focus on each other. When we take care of each other, the client also gets taken care of.” – Founder of CE Power and GAP


“One of the attributes inherent to CE Power that I recognized during my interview process was an obvious dedication to maintaining a collaborative atmosphere. Once hired on, that recognition proved to be without fault. The level of talent and expertise CE Power has amassed is nothing short of amazing and their willingness to help others, despite title or years of experience, is one of the biggest reasons I enjoy coming to work every day.” – Design Engineer


“After serving 15 years in the United States Army, I found it very important for me to work for a company that put integrity and safety in the foremost of its values. At CE Power, they offer both. I get to work hard, work safe, and go home to my family every night. “– Service Technician


“What I enjoy most about working at CE Power is the people. I enjoy coming into work on a daily basis because not only do we work hard, but we play hard. Whether we are out in the community giving back, working on a project in the office, or having a cookout during lunch, everybody I work with has so much passion and drive. Not only that, but they also have a smile on their face. CE Power is a great place to work and it has changed my life.” – Employee Relations Specialist


“The GAP Program is a great experience because it gives you a chance to get out in the field and see real world equipment and problems, which is very different from what you experience in school. With this program, you can assist in troubleshooting and problem solving while learning the ins and outs of the daily jobs tasks such as safety methods and testing procedures/techniques. This allows for fast on-the-job learning as you are tasked with helping to complete real job tasks with your team, but without the pressures of working alone or under time constraints. This was a great opportunity for me as I learn best by doing it myself and the GAP program allowed me to do just that.” – GAP Graduate


“There is a very good balance of your work life and your home life. As an employee I find that very important to have.” – Estimator